Our Services

PEM Offshore Inc., In Partnership with Interocean UK and ABS Consulting Group delivers
tailor-made Marine Technical services to the Marine and Offshore sector.

Marine Technical Services

PEM Offshore, a member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) offers Marine Technical Services to the Marine, Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria / West Africa, Trinidad andTobago / West Indies and in the Gulf Of Mexico (GoM). PEM Offshore Inc., In Partnership with Interocean UK and ABS Consulting Group delivers tailor-made Marine Technical services to the Marine and Offshore sector. PEM Offshore and Interocean’s core business is the provision of rig moving services worldwide, across many and varying geographical offshore areas, water depths and types of rig move locations. PEM/Interocean will provide proficient Mariners, Tow Masters and other specialist marine personnel, knowledgeable and experienced in all activities associated with rig moving. The range of specialist marine services that we provide includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rig Moves
  • Marine Personnel
  • Marine Procedures and Documentation
  • Marine Equipment Management
  • Marine and Technical Audits and Inspections

Specialist Services

PEM Offshore performs safe and highly professional Rig Move according to better laid our Rig Move Plans. Using a highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable team of Mariners and Tow Masters, PEM Offshore can provide its clients with both Jack-up and Semi-submersible rig moving services from initial preparation and planning, development of rig move procedures, development of mooring analysis through to the provision of Tow Masters to management of the rig move itself.

Semi-submersible Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

Interocean specializes in the relocation of semi-submersibles where the location can present many technical challenges, including deep water, very shallow water, complex fields involving modified mooring systems, pre-lays, etc. Semi-submersible rig moving can be from and to any location, i.e subsea infrastructures, dry docks, carriers, harbours, open locations etc.) In addition to rig moving, Interocean can also provide specialist personnel for the purposes of undertaking FPSO and barge moves, as well as those involving mobile offshore drilling units. FPSO In addition to providing FPSO moving services, Interocean also supplies a comprehensive serviceincluding: FPSO mooring operations, i.e installation, pre- laying, cross-tensioning and connection

  • Repair and inspection of mooring equipment
  • Heading control management, analysis and procedures.

Jack-up Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

PEM Offshore specializes in the relocation of jack-ups where the location can present many technical challenges, eg difficult soil types, rack phase differences (RPD), excessive spud can loading, and other environmental challenges. Jack-up rig moving can be from and to any location, ie platforms, open locations, harbours, dry- docks, on/off-loads (carriers) etc.

Non-Destructive and Lifting Equipment Inspection Services

PEM Offshore offers a complete range of non-destructive testing (NDT), visual inspection and materials sampling inspection capabilities. Our technicians are qualified to international standards and are supported by the expertise of our inspection department and associated affilates.

The range of PEM’s survey and inspection capabilities include the Following:

  • Condition reports
  • Dye penetrant inspection (DPI)
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Visual inspection
  • Eddie currection inspection (ECI)
  • Alternating current field measurement (ACFM)

Onshore/ Offshore Labour Supply

PEM Offshore can supply On/Offshore Labour to compliment the services we offer or on a standalone basis.

We are able to supply multi skilled labour worldwide and specialize in fast turnaround (24 hours or less) and are able to source and mobilize labour, from a single person to a complete crew ready for work, for either long or short term contracts.

We have a very experienced HR department available around the clock, ready to provide you with the highest level of service and assist with your labour requirements.

We pride ourselves on using time served tradesmen with extensive experience, knowledge and the highest standards of workmanship.

Labour we are able to supply includes, but not limited to:

  • Construction Supervisors
  • Welders (Multi Skilled)
  • Platers
  • Pipe fitters
  • Riggers (All Levels)
  • Mechanical Fitters/Technicians
  • Crane Operators (All Levels)
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Instrument Pipe Fitters
  • Master Mariners (Barge Masters, OIM, FPSO Operations Superintendents)
  • Complete Offshore Equipment Crewing for all levels.

Where applicable, these trades can be supplied with Rope Access capabilities and ready to work anywhere around the West African region either on or offshore.

All of the labour we supply is subject to international drug and alcohol screening and all individuals have valid offshore medical and survival certificates.

Please note: PEM Offshore Ltd is not an employment agency.

Vessel Management

Qualified experienced Mariners from the offshore industry that provides clients with high quality, cost effective Offshore Management Service, operate PEM Offshore. Included in this service is the provision of a marine office capable of offering complete awareness and understanding of the requirements for a ‘Safe Ship’ operation.

Work is performed around standard ship management agreements that clearly define those areas of ship operation for which PEM Offshore are responsible. On acceptance of a management contract PEM shall perform a full safety and tecnical audit of the vessel(s).

We believe in the importance of good communication, which is achieved by providing reports and KPIs on all vessel activities. Regular reports and accountants can be formatted to meet your individual requirements.

In offering a complete Management Service, PEM are fully committed to meeting and maintaining your vessel(s) to the highest standards, to maximize your resource financially.

Rope Access Inspection Services

PEM Offshore is a specialist in rope access, a safe, reliable and effective technique to reach inaccessible areas. Rope access is more versatile than gondolas or cranes, more efficient than scaffolding and can eliminate unnecessary downtime.

All PEM rope access operations are executed by IRATA trained/certified personnel and adhere to guidelines and recommendations published by BSI: British Standards’ BS 7985:2002 “code of practice for the use of rope access methods for industrial purposes” and in conjunction with BS 8454:2006 “code of practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue” to ensure safe implementation of the task while working at heights. Our work teams consist mainly of experienced level II and III IRATA- qualified personnel appropriately assisted by some level I qualified personnel.

Our inspectors are qualified in NDT with specialized experience in structural and equipment assessment. Our expertise is sought to install a variety of high-rise equipment and provide the regular in-situ inspection and maintenance necessary for safe and lawful operation. We offer the following applications of rope access:


  • Load testing
  • Maintenance
  • Repair and refurbishment
  • Confined space entry


  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Welding
  • Blasting, sign painting and logo stenciling
  • Installation and removal

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM)

PEM Offshore, offers clients tailor-made services in Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) to the Oil and Gas and Maritime sector. All operations carried out by PEM Offshore are in accordance with API, BS, SOLAS and HSE/IMCA regulation standards, involving very experienced and tested personnel, both national and international. Our supervisors are all IMCA-approved. Our Services include but not limited to….

  • Design, management, and execution of subsea repairs
  • Pipeline and platform inspection
  • Anchor chain inspection and measurement
  • Leak investigation and repair
  • Pipeline stabilisation and repair using clamps and spools
  • Anode clamp design and retrofit
  • Cathodic protection – Measurement & Installation
  • Structure & Pipeline repair clamp installation
  • Flow lines and umbilical installation support
  • Trenching, backfill and out-of-straightness surveys
  • Subsea hydro-testing
  • Pre-installation crossing structure and survey
  • Subsea excavation
  • Anode retrofit and life extension construction tasks
  • Protection and stabilisation structures
  • Subsea riser and mid-water arch operations
  • Site clearance survey
  • Jack-up spud can survey
  • Debris clearance survey and removal
  • Platform and vessel inspection
  • Non Destructive Testing – Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particles Inspection, Alternating Current Field Measurement
  • Structure cleaning
  • Splash-zone survey and protection
  • ROV mounted tooling solutions
With our proven track records, our IRM services come pretty handy when an expert job is required either locally or Internationally…we’re always there.